Kate Schrock for House District 44

Kate Schrock for House 44

Currently Seeking Office as House Representative for Falmouth, Maine District 44

Support Kate for House District 44!

Currently Seeking Office as House Representative for Falmouth, Maine District 44

“Kate has been endorsed by Maine Berniecrats & Maine People’s Alliance"

Advocacy and issues:

  • Housing
  • Healthcare – quality / access / affordability
  • Eldercare
  • Early childhood education
  • Jobs training and creation
  • Support of locally-owned businesses
  • Sustainable agriculture & fisheries
  • Homelessness and veteran’s issues
  • Opiate Crisis and Recovery solutions
  • Poverty and food security solutions
  • Urban renewal
  • Farmland renewal
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Sustainable approaches to development
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Stability of Energy Infrastructure
  • Corporate accountability
  • Affordable in-state education
  • Election integrity
  • Representative democracy
  • Social justice
  • Immigrant support
  • Indigenous reparation
  • Personal privacy
  • Residential safety
  • School safety
  • Net neutrality
  • Fair taxes

Kate's Focus

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Running for office because I believe legislation of public policy should be rooted in ethics not crafted by partisanship or monetary special interest lobby pressure.

Four Pillars of the Green Party

Ecological wisdom. Social justice. Grassroots democracy. Nonviolence.

My Campaign

Education Policy

In addition to proper pre-k through grade 12 public education, we should be providing incentives for free in-state college tuition, support post-HS jobs training and provide avenues of relief from crushing student loan debt.

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Party Growing

The Green Independent party is growing here in Maine. Come be a part of it! Register Green, Volunteer, Run as a Candidate & Connect with Local Greens. Cumberland County Greens meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6 pm at Portland Media Center, 516 Congress Street, Portland, ME.


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